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4 Unique Ways To Show Love To Your Wife On Valentine’s Day

Posted: February 07, 2014

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Yes, we all know Valentine’s Day is one of those capitalistic “commercial” holidays that was essentially created in order to get you to spend money... but on the plus side, it does give guys an intentional excuse to show love to their wife.  And the more reasons for that the better.  Now, there are a lot of ways this can be done.  You could decide, as a couple, to just skip Valentine’s Day all together, or really try and make the most it in a fun way.  The traditional ways to spend Valentine’s Day like: dinner, chocolates and flowers do work great, but for all the guys out there who want to mix it up this year… we have 4 ideas just for you.

1.  Schedule a massage & ultimate bath experience.  Pick her up from work, and drop her off at your local massage spot.  While she’s getting her massage, buy/prepare some amazing bath related treats at your home.  Then, give her some time to soak away any remaining stress.
2. Night skiing trip.  If you are a little more adventurous, then pack all your ski stuff (along with a sack dinner for two), and swing by her work before heading up to the slopes for the evening. 
3. Dancing, dancing and more dancing.  Most women love to dance, so book a table at a dance club where you can eat a nice meal, learn a few lessons and shake the night away on the dance floor.
4. Cook her favorite meal.  Set the mood with low lighting, flower petals on the floor, candles lit and romantic music playing. Use the best dishes, silverware and table cloth your own.  Pour her a drink and let her relax as you prepare and serve her your amazing meal.