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10 Ways A Groom, And His Groomsmen Can Pass The Time Before The Wedding

Posted: June 04, 2015

Black dress shoes for groomsmen at wedding.

Waking up on "wedding day" can bring a little nervous stress to the most focused and fearless grooms.  So, instead of letting it get the best of them, a lot of grooms are looking to use that time to bond with their groomsmen.  This is especially true, if some of those groomsmen are from out-of-town.  You know you just can't let that precious time be wasted.  Now before we go any further, we do want to remind all you grooms out there how important it is to leave plenty of time to change and get ready before pictures start.  The last thing any groom wants is for himself or any of his groomsmen to be late.  That would easily produce an unhappy bride.   To help grooms come up with some fun ideas, we've put together a list of 10 ways grooms can keep themselves and their groomsmen entertained.    Some of these ideas can be done after everyone arrives and has changed into their formal wear, while the other activities would need to happen in the morning (before a late afternoon or early evening wedding).  In the end, it's all about relaxing, having fun and enjoying some additional bonding time with your closest buddies!

10. Arcade 

9. Frisbee Golf

8. Spa Treatment

7. Poker Tournament

6. Bike Ride

5. Bowling

4. Movie At The Theater

3. Target Practice

2. Pool/Billiards

1. A Round Of Golf 

If you're a groom that did something different, please share away!