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10 Unique Men’s Wedding Ring Styles

Posted: March 19, 2015

Unique men's wedding ring.

More and more men are searching for a wedding ring that truly fits their style.  And there is no shortage of men's wedding ring styles to choose from either.  With so many choices, we wanted to help.  As we've done with other areas of the wedding planning process, we've put together a list of 10 unique men's wedding ring styles to help all those grooms-to-be narrow things down.  Now we know that most guys don't want as much bling in their wedding ring as their bride, but they still want a wedding ring that looks a certain way.  Men's wedding rings can range from very simple to obscure (and everything in between).  With this in mind, we hope that this list of men's wedding rings really helps grooms know what's possible and where they can go to get the ring they want.  Just remember that there are no specific rules as to what a wedding ring needs to be or look like, but there are some important criteria that each guy may want to consider like: matching the metal of his bride-to-be's wedding ring, having a comfort fit, the resistance to damage and whether or not his wedding ring will cause an allergic reaction.  For more help comparing men's wedding rings, visit our men's wedding ring page.  For a short list of some unique men's wedding rings... keep reading.

10. Unique men's wedding band.From: LUZ

9. Unique men's wedding band.From:

8. Unique men's wedding band.From: Padis Gems

7. Unique men's wedding band.From: Wright & Lato

6. Unique men's wedding ring.From: Andrews Jewelers

5. Unique men's wedding band.From: AVANT-GARDE Jewerlers

4. Unique men's wedding band. From: Unique Jewelry

3. Unique men's wedding band.From: Tungsten World

2. Unique men's wedding band.From: Padis Gems

1. Unique men's wedding ring.From: Bernie Robbins Jewelers