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10 Top Ways Grooms Can Get Involved… Cigar Anyone?

Posted: April 07, 2016

Engraved Cigar.

This groom decided to add a personal touch to his wedding reception, with a little help from RSVP Swanky Events in Dallas, Texas.  And why not?  As long as it's classy and tasteful, we are all for it!

It's becoming more and more common for grooms to get involved in their wedding planning these days (more than just the honeymoon).  After all, a wedding is really just a big party that celebrates the love a bride and groom have for each other.  For this reason, grooms should not be afraid to jump in and suggest the kind of transportation they want on their big day, where they'd like to register or pick the venue that represents their style for the rehearsal dinner.  To help, we've put together a variety of step-by-step guides to give grooms the help and confidence they need to be a team player in the wedding planning process.  Here are 10 top areas where grooms can lend a hand. 

10. Compile his guest list.

It's so easy for grooms to start a list of the people they want to invite.  The groom can even get his mother to help with the extended family.

9. Pick out the groomsmen gifts.

This one is fun and perfect for grooms.  We have plenty of ideas and resouces to help.

8. Select his formal attire.

There are a lot of suit and tux options, and plenty of ways to personalize the groom's look.

7. Pick a place to register.

Mix it up a bit, and add a place that fits the grooms style like: Best Buy or Home Depot.

6. Purchase his ring.

There are actually some unique options to choose from.  The groom will be happy he took the time to check them out.

5. Take care of the first night location and amentities.

This is a great way for grooms to show their romantic side.  It will be much appreciated by their bride.

4. Book the rehearsal dinner locaton.

This is a perfect opportunity for grooms to take the planning lead.  There are plenty of nice restaurants that can appeal to the groom's taste.

3. Get the marriage license.

There's a little work to do here, but this an ideal one for grooms to check off the list.

2. Manage the budget.

This is a great "non frilly" way for grooms to help their bride.  This is a big task that most brides would love to hand off to their groom.

1. Gather vendor research.

Grooms can really help their bride by doing the legwork, and then presenting the information to their bride so that they can pick the winning vendor together.