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10 Things To Be Thankful For On Wedding Day

Posted: November 26, 2013

Groom in black suit with red rose boutonniere on his wedding day.

With Thanksgiving nearly here, we thought it would only be appropriate to highlight what brides and grooms should be thankful for on their big day.  Now some of these points may be more obvious than others, but in any case it's always good to maintain a clear perspective while navigating through the details and stress this day can bring.  Keep in mind that this list applies more to grooms than brides, but since it's a monumental day in both their lives... there's bound to be some overlap.  So as you get closer to your own wedding day, keep these in mind to help you remember why this is all happening.

10. All the wedding planning is done, and we get to sit back and enjoy the ride!

9. We can take full advantage of making children any time we want!

8. Never again will I have to introduce her as my girlfriend or fiancee!

7. My bride will be with me today and every step of the way through all the ups and downs life brings!

6. I get to make my parents proud!

5. My best friend is now my wife too!

4. We get to create new memories that we will cherish for the rest of our lives!

3. All our family and friends are in one place celebrating the start of our marriage relationship with us!

2. After a long and social day with family and friends, I get to spend some quality time with just my wife!

1. We get to share a lifelong bond that is deeper than any earthly relationship!