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10 Important Things A Bride Needs From Her Groom

Posted: September 08, 2016

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The engagement period leading up to the wedding can be quite draining on a couple.  Paying attention to how you interact is key.  Can you compromise, support each other and just plain have fun?  These are essential components in not just planning a wedding, but for having a healthy 50 years of marriage too.  To help make this process as smooth as possible, we've put together a simple but impactful list of needs that almost every bride wants from the groom in her life.

10. A groom who shares his honest opinion, when his bride is specifically asking for it.

If a bride does not take her groom's opinion that does not mean it wasn't appreciated.  No bride wants a "yes groom" or an "I don't know kinda groom".  They want a groom to be who he is and share his honest feelings.

9. A groom who keeps his groomsmen in the loop.

This can be and easy one that will keep your bride very happy.  To help, send your guys to the best man responsibilities, groomsmen responsibilities and usher responsibilities sections of the site.

8.  A groom who makes things fun.

Make each part of the wedding planning as fun as possible.  Attitude is key.  And when things get a little too stressful, be the one to plan a date night with no wedding talk.

7. A groom who can be a go to resource for out-of-town guests.

Having you be the point person here can free up your bride to tackle other pressing parts of the wedding planning that she is way more particular about. 

6. A groom who gets his own groomsmen gifts.

If a groom is able handle one area of the wedding planning on his own, it should be this one.  We have plenty of groomsmen gift ideas and local groomsmen gift resources to help.

5.  A groom who helps gather vendor information.

Most brides don't enjoy getting quotes from vendors for things like: transportation, photographers, videographers, DJs and officiants... so this is a great way to lighten her load and also make sure you get the best deal.

4. A groom who keeps his family in check.

There are going to be a lot of opinions floating around about how things should go, so having you be the filter for you family should make things a lot easier on your bride.

3.  A groom who asks what he can do to help.

It's all well and good to do what your bride asks of you, but sometimes brides don't know how to ask their groom for help.  You can make it very easy on your bride, by just being the one to ask.

2. A groom who makes all the wedding meetings he commits to.

We understand that you and your bride may not want or expect you to do every part of the planning with her, so when you do plan to be a part of something... be there!

1. A groom who follows through with a wedding task.

A lot of the wedding planning process is time sensitive, so getting something done when your bride asks you to is extremely important to her.


This is by no means an exhaustive list, so if you have any others to share please post them here!!